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The attorneys at Dolores Park Law have a wide array of experience, and have had success in many different areas of practice. We provide expert legal service to those in need, from work with corporate entities and entire sovereign nations, to individuals and community members.

We take great pride in representing each of our clients, and work tirelessly in the pursuit of justice for them all.

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Construction defects originate with the initial building of a home. They can result in the decreased enjoyment of a long-awaited new home and cause a decrease in property value. While some residential defects are obvious, others are not, and it is important to inspect your property for irregularities. If your home is less than 10 years old and you have noticed any problems in construction, you may have the right to have your builder pay you for repairs to the deficiencies.

Identifying Defects:

  • Stucco discoloration, stains and cracks
  • Roof or window leaks
  • Condensation or water stains on walls, windows or floors
  • Pronounced mold or dry rot
  • Drain or sewer issues
  • Foundation problems
  • Heating and ventilation issues
  • Faulty electrical systems

Causes and Method
Construction defects occur as the result of poor initial planning, overly speedy or negligent construction, and the use of improper building materials.

When appropriate, our team of experts will inspect the home at no out-of-pocket cost to the homeowner. We will provide feedback on any issue the homeowner may feel is important to the full enjoyment of their residence. Our professional team includes licenced architects, attorneys, general contractors, soils engineers and other experts.

We’ve been successful in finding solutions for the homeowners that we've represented over the years, and are willing to bring a case to court if the builder reneges on its duty to pay for repairs. If you suspect construction defects in your home, contact us immediately.

Estate Planning • Trusts and Wills • Estate and Probate Administration

Few moments in life ask more for our unity and love than when a family principal falls gravely ill, or worse. Your focus on recovery and healing is key, and demands enough without introducing complexity or politics to the situation.

Dolores Park Law offers expert estate planning and administration services to people, couples and families in San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California. Let us assist you in estate planning, trust or probate administration.

We have knowledge and experience in:

  • Trusts and Wills
  • Property Tax planning
  • Transfer Tax planning
  • Probate Administration
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate Administration
  • Trust Administration

Let Dolores Park Law be your San Francisco estate services attorneys.

Catastrophic Injuries often happen when someone is struck by a car while riding a bicycle, while walking, even driving themselves. Accidents also happen on the property of negligent owners, at work, and elsewhere. In many cases, the offending party may not even get hurt or have any property damage. Unfortunately, countless impact injuries – broken bones, concussions, contusions, or worse – are far too common.

Physical injuries range in severity from temporary discomfort and inconvenience, to devastating, permanent and life-altering. Many times we won't know the extent right after the event, since the body goes into shock. That's why it is crucial to exchange personal information after every incident, despite how “OK” anyone might feel, so that people can be contacted if and when injuries become apparent.

We Are Here to Help
Many people suffering injuries are compelled to hire an attorney, just to force an insurance company to treat their claim fairly.

Our job is to negotiate with these corporations and see that our clients’ claims are treated promptly and with respect. We strive to help our clients put their lives back together again and assist in conquering the medical and legal hurdles facing them after catastrophic injuries.

Without a background in law, most people do not know the extent of their full legal rights, and can find themselves at the mercy of the insurance industry. Please remember, once an injury release is signed, there is no legal recourse left. At that point, the claim cannot be reopened and suit cannot be brought.

You must protect and enforce your legal rights. The best way to get protection is to seek medical attention immediately if needed, and be mindful of your rights. Contact our office if you think you may need legal representation, or even just for a free, no obligation consult about your accident or injuries.

Collections of Debt and Loans
The success of your business depends on being paid for the services and goods you provide your customers. Receiving timely payments on loans issued is in your company's financial best interests.

Unfortunately, many people will not pay off judgments until they absolutely have to. Often these defaulters need reminders, or actions, on the legal consequences of their obligations. This can mean garnishments, seizure of accounts and properties, and the like.

Attorneys at Dolores Park Law offer commercial debt collection services to businesses and creditors in San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area, and throughout California. Let us assist you in pursuing what's due to you.

Our expertise in collection services are:

  • Contractual obligations and Breach of Contract
  • Promissory notes, debts and loans
  • Prejudments including Injunctions, Writs of Attachment and Writs of Possession
  • Enforcement of Judgments against debtors
  • Guarantors of debts

To learn more about the measures we will take to recover your payments and assets, contact us now.

Commercial leases
We are experienced negotiators in commercial leases. We do the market research, we have professional contacts in the field, and we stay informed on the latest commercial real estate trends.

We can confidently read through your contracts and make everything clear, including the fine print.

Contact us for consultation, mediation, representation or to simply answer any questions you may have.

We have experience in:

  • Fulfillment of contractual obligations
  • Renegotiation of existing leases
  • Transfers of ownership
  • Payment failures and evictions
  • Drafting and editing

If you have any questions about your lease contract, whether leasee or leaser, please contact us, we'd love to help.

Dolores Park Law has a rich, decades-long history of standing up for People of Color (POC) including Indigenous Peoples, and their civil rights, both on and off Indian reservations. We've worked with several well known activists and organizations promoting social justice. We also specialize in Native American matters concerning:

  • Tribal Disenrollment and Banishment
  • The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
  • Indian Civil Rights Act (ICRA)
  • Reunification of adoptees with their biological families

We regularly work as a consultant and expert to tribes, governments and individuals on ICWA and ICRA compliance and application.

Brief History
Akin to other declarations of civil rights, the Indian Civil Rights Act concerns the implementation of personal rights on Native American reservations. The Indian Child Welfare Act was created in response to the ongoing occurrence of Indigenous children being taken from their homes and communities, and placed into the boarding school system. These institutions were specifically established for assimilation, to integrate Natives into western, white society while attempting to vanquish their culture. After a century of government support and participation in the kidnapping tens of thousands of children, The Act provided protection from unwarranted removal by all federal, state and local authorities. The clauses in ICWA have further implications on Native American adoption and child custody.

If you have any questions or need expert advice on POC and Indigenous rights, please feel free to contact us.



At Dolores Park Law, we go above and beyond. By combining our legal expertise with extensive experience and business know-how, we offer a unique brand of insight that others can not. Since 1979, we've established ourselves as a trusted partner and have formed alliances with government officials and leaders all over. Our approach means that we can represent our clients' best interests with strong legal and executive action.


Our goal is to provide expert legal service and representation to people like you, and we handle every case we take with great care and respect. With offices located in the renowned Mission District of San Francisco, our lawyers represent clients in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Marin, Berkeley, Hayward, Alameda, Santa Cruz, and all throughout the East Bay, Peninsula, the South Bay, most of the Bay Area and California. We also take certain cases outside of California, and have experience at the Federal level. If it turns out our firm is unable provide legal help to you outside of CA, we will help you find a qualified attorney in your area. We also travel for our clients for research and representation.


The Dolores Park Law team believes in going all in for our clients. This attitude and culture encourages collaboration across geographical, industry, and practice area boundaries. Our clients benefit from a group of problem solvers with resources and radical ideas.



Patrick R Guillory is an attorney who specializes in construction litigation. He is also well established in justice for Indigenous Native American Peoples, with expertise on The Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 and The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, and catastrophic personal injury cases. Patrick, along with Paul Harris, have published Indigenous civil rights cases that have reached the Federal Appellate Courts. Mr. Guillory began working in the Indigenous community at San Francisco State University. With a Masters in social work (MSW), he worked as and EOP counselor and as a social worker at the American Indian Center in San Francisco. He went on to receive a Juris Doctorate at Hastings School of Law where he was President of the Native American Law Students Association. Later, Patrick returned to SF State as faculty and is an adjunct professor teaching Native American law and history.


Paul Harris has been written up in three editions of Best Lawyers in America. He graduated with honors from the UC Berkeley School of Law at Boalt Hall, worked as a law clerk for a federal judge in San Francisco, and then cofounded the San Francisco Community Law Collective. Paul is also a former President of the National Lawyers Guild, and author of acclaimed book, Black Rage Confronts the Law. Currently he teaches at USF and Golden Gate law schools.

Paul Harris was the lead attorney at The Center for Guerrilla Law in San Francisco as well.


Glen Van Dyke has represented thousands of residential and commercial property owners and homeowners' associations in the resolution of disputes over the construction of their homes or buildings. Mr. Van Dyke's goal is to achieve for his clients the home or building of the type and condition that was initially promised by the builder. While the goal is simple in concept, Mr. Van Dyke uses his expertise in complex litigation, modern construction practices, building science, negotiation skills, insurance coverage issues, and his trial experience to prevail for his clients.

Additionally, Mr. Van Dyke has represented clients against big business, developers, and government in complex cases involving breach of contract, unlawful business practices, defective products, environmental laws, and breach of fiduciary duty.


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